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My Next Chapter is committed to your health and wellbeing.

We are dedicated to improving your life by promoting a safer, pathogen-free environment. A pathogen-free home or business, with clean air, is vital.

Up to 90 DAYS of Antimicrobial Protection in two easy to apply steps!

Provides protection for up to 500 square feet of surface area when used as directed.

PermaSAFE Protective Coatings STEP 1 and 2

Step One – PermaSafe CLEAN™ – 8oz.
Hospital-grade sanitizer and disinfectant

  • Kills Bacteria
  • Kills Viruses
  • Kills Mold
  • Kills Fungi
  • Kills Tuberculosis
  • Safe to use on most surfaces

Step Two – PermaSafe SHIELD™ – 8oz.

Continuing Antimicrobial Protection for up to 90 days on treated surfaces. Safe to use on most surfaces

Price: $149

Now only $119!

(until June 15th)

'Eighty Percent of All Infectious Disease Transmissions Are By Touch' - CDC

ReSurgens Technologies offers a three-tiered approach to commercial and residential sanitization and disinfection.  Our products, affordable for nearly all budgets, help you achieve a nearly microbial-free surface environment.  Our treatment solutions have a wide range of features that were created to help you live your everyday life while offering peace of mind. 

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